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Skull Labs Ripped Mass, choice of the new generation:

After a hard and long workout training session, the body required some time to recover and rebuild damaged muscles. The human body needs a specific amount of amino acids and protein to complete the muscle mass production system. Here comes the need to add a muscle mass gainer supplement that helps your body in muscle recovery. You can take Skull Labs Ripped Mass and for instant results, it must be added to the routine that carries all body’s balanced nutrients after the workout

About the Product:


Skull Labs Ripped Mass contains Creatine and L-glutamine, and these components are a great source of healthy protein. With brief, high-intensity physical activities, Creatine improves physical performance. This high-quality Whey Protein helps in the formation and maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of strong bones. Adding Carbohydrates is essential for restoring normal muscular function (contraction) following high-intensity, long-duration physical activity that causes muscle exhaustion and glycogen depletion in skeletal muscle.

Rich in carbohydrates:

Skull Labs Ripped Mass is high in carbs. These carbohydrates give you the energy you need throughout a rigorous workout. The product’s advanced formula transformed the body fat into energy and used it.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals:

If you want to keep your body energetic and healthy, the supplement will help you. It has a well-balanced mix of minerals and vitamins that nourish your body and keep you healthy and fit.

Contains fibre:

Fibre is present in Skull Labs Ripped Mass and helps to prevent bloating and help in digestion. So, consuming this product will resolve your metabolic issues and make your fitness journey fast and smooth.


If you are concerned about the flavour, don’t worry; you can enjoy Vanilla flavour.

Who can take it?

Athletes and people willing to start a high-intensity workout routine can take it. Females can also take it, but pregnant and nursing mothers must consult the expert first.

Suggested Use:

You can add a daily dose of Skull Labs Ripped Mass in water or any beverage of your choice.   Moreover, you may find many solutions, but choosing a trustworthy supplier like PRO-FITT is essential, and you can get delivery in 2 to 4 working days max in Pakistan.

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Vanilla, Chocolate


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