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In the human body, amino acid-like Glutamine is commonly found in the muscle tissue. It will play its specific role in Protein synthesis and maintain the Nitrogen level in the body. In other human functions, Glutamine supports intestinal function and works as fuel to the immune system.

When the body requires Glutamine, it can produce it naturally, but when you start the hard exercise and want to achieve challenging fitness goals, the stored glutamine get used rapidly. As a result, the absence of Glutamine affects muscle synthesis and disturbs the immune system.

There is a need to add a supplement that can instantly recover the need and support the immune system. Redcon1 Glutamine is one of the leading options.

About this product:

Redcon1 Glutamine helps the body perform some major functions that require instant recovery. The body gets stressed and under pressure during the workout, and it is time where Glutamine get used and body took time to produce a new amount. The availability of Glutamine is such a relief because a product like Redcon1 Glutamine is not easily found in the market.

Glutamine also transports Nitrogen into the muscle cells and participates in Protein synthesis. It will also reduce the muscle breakdown, and your body prepares for another session. Moreover, in its other functions, you will get multiple benefits like:

  1. It will promote recovery after every challenge and intense training.
  2. Glutamine helps the muscles during breakdown and prevents it.
  3. It supports optimal intestinal health.
  4. Take part in the Protein synthesis process.


Redcon1 Glutamine is available in 60 servings, and you can follow the instructions for better results.

Who can use it?

Redcon1 Glutamine is made for everyone who wants to accept hard fitness goals and try to achieve them. Athletes and all types of a sportsperson can take it. Females can take it, but it’s not suitable for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, we recommend not using it for safety reasons. If your physician allows it, then you can take it.

The main problem is to find the authentic platform where you can buy Redcon1 Glutamine without a doubt. PRO-FITT will deliver 100% real and genuine products. Get affordable products with nationwide delivery in 2-4 working days.

Suggested Use:

You can add 1 scoop, which is 5 grams of Redcon1 Glutamine, in 250-300 ml of water and drink. You can enjoy the flavorful muscle recovery drink in your favorite beverage. Take before and after training.


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