NUTREX BCAA 6000 30 servings


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Nutrex BCAA 6000 is design to support growth and recover the damaged muscles. No matter when you consume 100% effective BCAA 6000, it will prevent the collapse of lean muscles and heal them instantly.  BCAA has Branched Chain Amino Acids works as super-fuel for the muscles and appears as the allies of your body.

About the Product:


Nutrex BCAA 6000 has three essential Amino Acids including:

1.      Leucine:

It is one of the anabolic branched chain Amino Acids and it’s an important component in metabolic functions and muscle protein synthesis. Leucine specifically contributes to

  1. Repair and growth of bone and muscle tissue
  2. Supports growth of hormone production
  3. Helps with regulation of blood-sugar levels and wound healing
  4. After stress and any trauma, it prevents breakdown of muscle proteins

2.      Isoleucine:

The Isoleucine works with protein synthesis and performs multiple tasks including:

  1. Detoxification of nitrogenous wastes
  2. Stimulate immune function
  3. Wound healing
  4. Encourage the secretion of several hormones

Moreover, it is essential for regulating blood sugar and hemoglobin formation.

3.      Valine:

It is also perform the same functions as the other Amino Acid does like muscle growth and repair, protein synthesis, manage mental vigor and controls the emotions or you can say moods.

Zero calories Amino Acid:

Nutrex BCAA 6000 contains 0 calories as it has sugar-free formula and there is no added sugar. Therefore, the supplement is recommended to work on lean muscle during fitness training and you can take it to enhance the strength and muscle power.

Authentic and Quality Product:

Nutrex BCAA 6000 has lab-tested formula that is approved by the experts and there is no side effect of it. You can get 100% real and authentic product @PRO-FITT and get fastest delivery nationwide.


Nutrex BCAA 6000 comes in 30 servings and you can order whatever quantity according to the need and requirement of your workout plan.


Enjoy Nutrex BCAA 6000 in refreshing Watermelon flavor. It will enhance the level of joy and you will get ready for next training session with more power and motivation.

Who can take it?

Anyone can take Nutrex BCAA 6000 but of course, there are some restrictions for pregnant ladies, nursing mothers, chronic patients and kids under 18.

Suggested Use:

You can take 1 serving in 8 to 10 Oz of water and drink before or during the training. Some trainer also recommends it for after training but choice is yours. If you consume it regular, it will give you remarkable results shortly.

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